Who's Who 2020-2021


Head Teacher

Mrs V Manning*

Assistant Head Teacher

Miss S Butt*

Inclusion Leader

Mrs M Lord* Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs S Shears (Early Years Leader)*

Year R

Mrs S Arkinson & Miss C Rossiter

Miss C North (trainee teacher)

Year 1

Miss L Killen (Lower School Phase Leader)

Year 2

Mrs H Bello

Year 3

Miss J Bagguley

Year 4

Mrs E Edwards

Year 5

Miss M Mentiady

Year 6

Mrs F Imreen

Catch Up Tutor

Mrs L Green

Early Years Practitioners

Mrs L Carr (Nursery)


Mrs M Venables (Nursery)

PE Coach

Mr L Bell

Learning Mentor & Behaviour Lead

Miss L Harris

Learning Support & Learning Assistants

Miss Chandler (Reception)


Mrs V Milazzo (Reception)


Mrs S Ansari (Year 1)


Miss C Yandell (Year 2)


Mrs C Mendy (Year 2)

Miss L Callendar (Year 3)

Miss K Hardy (Year 3)


Miss N Burmby (Year 4)


Mrs C Etharome (Year 1 / Year 4)


Miss E Pitt (Year 4)


Miss M Withington (Year 5)


Miss V Hudson (Year 5)

Miss D Oakford (Year 6)

Miss L Daire (Year 6)

School Business Manager

Mrs J Suter*

Attendance & Admissions Officer

Mrs A Rosser

School Administrator

Mrs K Strange

Catering Assistants

Miss L White


Miss M Meech


Mr S Rutland

Assistant Caretaker

Mr R White


Miss M Meech


*Members of the Senior Leadership Team