Ofsted Reports

 Ash Hill was last inspected in May 2023. This was a two day graded inspection. The main findings of the inspection were:

  • Behaviour and personal development are good 
  • Pupils are happy and safe
  • Many areas of the curriculum are well-developed, such as Reading, Maths and PE
  • Leaders have high expectations for pupils' achievement
  • SEND pupils make good progress
  • Some areas of the curriculum require further development, such as History and Art
  • Governors require training to ensure they are able to fulfil their roles effectively 

May 2023 Graded Inspection Report

 Inspectors recognised many of the things that make our school a special place for children to belong and learn. Some quotes from the report include:

'All are welcome at Ash Hill Primary'

'Pupils feel safe and know that there is always someone to talk to if they are worried'

'Playtimes are happy'

'Bullying is rare and pupils have confidence that, if it does happen, it is quickly sorted out by adults in the school'

'pupils become confident, enthusiastic readers'

'pupils with SEND make progress through the curriculum in line with their peers'

'Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They are motivated to learn. In the early years, children settle quickly into school life'

'Leaders are aspirational for all at the school, and staff report that leaders care about their well-being and workload'

'Leaders at Ash Hill ensure that pupils’ welfare and safety are their top priority'


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