Curriculum Information for Parents

We are passionate that every learner at Ash Hill will be the best that they can be. All adults have the highest of expectations for the children's learning and behaviour. We offer an enriched Creative Curriculum because we want our children to develop a passion for learning. With this passion at the heart of our curriculum, we aim to create learners who will leave us with the meta-cognitive skills to become lifelong learners.

Please follow this link to view our 2021 - 2022 Whole School Curriculum Overview.

Each half-term the class teachers publish a curriculum overview which outlines the learning for the half-term ahead. Please click on the links below to access these documents for AUTUMN 1 Term 2021:


Nursery Medium Term Plan | Nursery Curriculum News

Reception Medium Term Plan | Reception Curriculum News

Year 1 Medium Term Plan | Year 1 Knowledge Organiser

Year 2 Medium Term Plan | Year 2 Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 Medium Term Plan | Year 3 Knowledge Organiser

Year 4 Medium Term Plan | Year 4 Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Medium Term Plan | Year 5 Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 Medium Term Plan | Year 6 Knowledge Organiser

At Ash Hill our curriculum is driven by the foundation subjects; with subjects such as science, the arts, geography and history providing a context for our learning. This approach enables our children to learn skills at a deeper level, with a meaningful and engaging context.


Each term we plan a whole school enrichment opportunity which enables us to celebrate and enjoy a shared cultural experience. Each class then completes some themed learning to utilise this real-life experience which we showcase around our school learning environment. Check out the excellent outcomes from our Circus experience and our STOMP workshop.

Circus Experience

STOMP Learning

Carnival Learning 

Celebrating Diversity 

As well as our Creative Curriculum, daily school life is underpinned by our six Core Values, these are:

  • Responsibility
  • Determination
  • Community-Mindedness
  • Resilience
  • Honesty
  • Consideration


These values thread through our whole school curriculum and link closely with our positive approach to developing behaviour called Let’s Get Smart. All six values are taught explicitly for half a term per year, through our PSHE Curriculum and collective worship/assemblies. Children are rewarded with tokens for demonstrating these values and showing positive behaviours for learning and community-mindedness during each school day.